Amaze Your Mum

“Indulgent Mum Package”

Packs Package #1:  (Only 15 available)

Mum Look Amazing Package


Relaxation Facial 45 mins

1 hour Full Body Massage  Plus – receive absolutely FREE!!…

           Full Body Exfoliation

$35 FREE Skin diagnosis & Home Care plan

$99 FREE  Full Body Exfoliation

$59 FREE “Hot Towel and Sponge  treatment”

$59 FREE Plus a Jet Spa Relaxation treatment

 Pamper Pack  $531 worth of Pampering for only $295

2 1/2hrs

Package #2: (Limit 10 Packages )
Mums Gift of Youth

unnamed (1)

Brush Machine
Deep Cleanse
Application of Sothys Youth Magic
Cosmeceutique RX Peel
Vitamin A Booster
Vitamin C Booster
Glysalac Booster
Facial Massage
Eye Cream + Moisturiser to give the skin Lift..

​​​​​​​Just $165

Available May + June 2017
Limit 10 Packages

Mothers Day Package 3

unnamed (2)
Dermal Rolling

​​​​​​​Roll away the years! Professional dermal rolling is quickly being embraced as an advanced facial treatment of choice for those who appreciate value for money.
Minimal Downtime
And Great Quick Results

Using no chemicals, Dermal Rolling or Skin Needling, (also known as Collagen Induction Therapy) is highly effective as the underlying action of this treatment is simply stimulating a natural reaction in your skin to produce more of its own collagen and elastin.

Less intrusive and far less downtime than a laser resurfacing treatment whilst delivering optimum results, this advanced treatment can be squeezed into a lunchtime of your busy schedule and will have you returning back to work or your normal daily routine directly afterwards. Dermal rolling is our first choice when treating scarring, including acne scarring. We love the results we achieve for our clients as they are visible directly after the very first treatment.Anti-aging concerns of fine lines and wrinkles, dehydration, and overall skin tone including pigmentation will also benefit greatly from this advanced facial.

$600 for 2

Just $300 each
Full amount Must be paid upfront to receive the 2 for price of 1 Offer

Mothers Day Package 4
Eye Line Tattoo

unnamed (3)

Wake up with Makeup
Delicately enhanced eye area with Tattooing . What an awesome idea if you would like to enhance your eyes.
If you have only small lashes and would like to give the illusion of thickness and open up the eye area. Makeup that lasts for years. Enjoy waking up every morning without having to sharpen that eye line pencil. Always look ready to go.

Must be 18 Years of Age
Consultation Required with patch test.


for Just Top or Bottom

Having Trouble LOSING WEIGHT!
Sick and Tired of being Overweight?
We can help you get the Body you want!
How Awesome would it be to be able to wear what you like. Walk into your favourite dress shop and pick out a drop Dead GORGEOUS Outfit!
even get into those outfits you’ve had tucked away in the back of the wardrobe.
Don’t Waste Time!
Lets Get Started!
Just a short amount of time and sacrifice for that body that will make

This diet is Nice and easy!

It is a good eating plan plus drops. So phase 1 two loading days eat whatever you think you might miss take the drops 15 mins on these days before each main meal 3 times per day hold them under your tongue for 45seconds.
Next phase weight loss take drops same as phase 1 follow eating plan which is lunch and dinner 2 cups Veges off list and 100 g of chicken steak fish or seafood.
Breakfast you can have either an apple orange or handful strawberries. Or 1/2 grapefruit.
2-4 litres water 2 litres of this is lemon and water. As much tea or coffee that u want to drink no sugar and only 1 tablespoon of milk per day.
If u have a cheat day or your weight becomes stable they have a egg Apple or steak day.
No exercise
$99.95 for the bottle
Plus $11 Postage or you can come in and pick up.

To purchase



123 Drops


Click below to download Diet Instruction Booklet

Downloadable Diet Instruction Booklet

7 day cleanse


Weight maintain


2 bottles of 123 drops plus one bottle of weight maintain